"Happiness has long ears" - May 2015

May 06, 2015

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PEPE was sold when he was a few months old. Left alone he fretted and was again sold to kind people who saw him ridden by a large man when was just under one year of age. A week to this horror PEPE was gelded without anaesthetic. He trusted nobody. He avoided all humans. DWWH was asked to take him and it took weeks of slow approach to capture him, and deliver him safely. Years of tlc were necessary to teach PEPE that he was safe and secure. He is still nervous of strangers but a pleasure to volunteers he knows and trusts.


Sponsor donkey of the month - May 2015

Patrick was surrendered as a yearling with his stressed mother Jolly. Both were terrified of humans and vehicles as both pursued the pair for weeks in an attempt to put them into stockyards 'to get rid of them.'
DWWH was contacted for help and we offered Jolly a kind, gentle hand and she followed us into the stockyards bringing her terrified foal, Patrick with her. Patrick was nervous from then on until he learned from others that were loving folk. He also has a visual problem that causes him stress when anything unusual occurs. So we keep to routine matters around him and he remains content.

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Stephen Berry
Stephen Berry

May 07, 2015

This is an exciting opportunity to help donkeys in need via an organisation that has Australia and Worldwide recognition of integrity and utmost achievement of its aims: ie relieves suffering.

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