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 About Christine E. Berry OAM.
Christine is the founder and leader of Donkey Welfare With Heart Inc. Her passion for donkeys began in her 1950’s childhood and became a reality in 1970 when she made the acquaintance of a group of donkeys in a paddock near her home, west of Sydney. The first two donkeys to reside with Christine in Maitland, were two foals bought for her in 1977 by her husband, Stephen. From then on she became devoted to donkeys from those she owned to those she rescued or took into her farm to care for when nobody else wanted them. Christine began her officially recognised and documented donkey welfare work in 1978. At that time, Veterinarian Dr. Diederik Gelderman, volunteered to assist Christine with her donkey rescues, giving his services freely whenever required. In 1999 Christine was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for her services to donkey welfare. And so the dedication continues in 2015 without fail, without hesitation, helping every donkey brought to her attention.
In 2015 Christine leads and welcomes a team of new, dedicated, young, vibrant volunteers who admirably aspire to continue the work of Christine’s past volunteers who have retired due to old age, incapacity, or who have departed this world. The new team of volunteers involve themselves with the day-to-day care of rescued donkeys in the intensive care unit and in rehabilitation paddocks nearby and beyond. Christine and the volunteers undertake their role with the love and passion that began in her heart in the early 1950’s. The passion is infectious and all consuming and totally worthwhile. So it shall continue with the devotion of the young team who link arms and hearts to support Christine with her life’s work among donkeys in need.